No.1 Cloud Based Co-Working Groupware

CLounge being a reliable cloud-based business platform that provides customers with a seamless communication experience including e-approval, knowledge/resource sharing.

CLounge available on:

CLounge Value

All-in-One Service

Provies all the necessary services for business management, e-approval, time and attendance management, etc.

Supprted by AWS

Utilized the storage security and backup features of the cloud platform to enhance security backup capabilities.

Add-On Service

Customize your CLounge with some of our additional services that will make your job esier.

Captivated UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design captures and reflects the latest trends in design, ensuring an engaging and modern user experience.

Workspace Integration

CLounge can support the optimal environtment for Google or Microsoft users.

Integrated SaaS

Seamless business access through SSO authentication, connect and integrate all services for a great user experience

Service & Features


Various electronic approval templates are provided and company-specific approval processes can be applied, enabling efficient and quick work.

Business Portal

Experience seamless business operations by linking and integrating a range of powerful features all on one page, streamlining your workflow and increase efficiency.

Integrated Workspace

Integrate SaaS services like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to customize your workspace by adding apps to the work portal.

Enterprice Content Management (ECM)

You can effortlessly save documents, streamline workflows, and share files, addressing your needs for efficient document management and collaboration

Business Clasification Management

Integrate and manage categories to be used throughout the system, such as organization charts, positions, and knowledge categories.

Leave Management

Leave management is the set of practices for managing, requesting, and guiding people leave within your organization.

clounge leave management


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