CLounge Attendance Management

It supports a 52-hour work week and flexible work system, and it is possible to check commuting and manage work schedules suitable for work by date and place.

Check to commute, apply for leave, and manage telecommuting in one place

Easy work time management

Time and attendance management is easy, such as registering work schedules, checking to commute, using vacation, and managing telecommuting

Flexible work system support

It is possible to manage working hours that fit the corporate work culture, such as staggered commuting and selective work systems.

Registration of workplace other than the head office

By registering the place of work, it is possible to commute from work place other than the head office, such as business trips, dispatches, and remote work.

PC and mobile linkage

Both PC and mobile are supported, including user/administrator functions and real-time push notification

Work schedule management

It is possible to manage work schedules suitable for work by date and location, such as registering basic work schedules, registering extended work schedules, applying for leave, and working from home.

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Commute management

You can check commuting easily on mobile, and you can view and manage commuting check and unregistered commuting check records.

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Vacation Management

You can easily use/approve vacations on PC as well as mobile devices, and you can check the remaining and used vacations.

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Telecommuting Management

Telecommuters can check their commuting from their registered workplace, and administrators can send and monitor a 'home authentication request' notofication via website.

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Considered work setting

If you work outside the head office, such as on a business trip, or dispatching, you may be considered commuting for the relevant date/period.

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CLounge attendance management provides some functions of the work portal.

Resource Management

Vacation Management

Schedule Management

Integrated Bulletin Board

Integrated Notification


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