CLounge knowledge management

As an integrated repository of valuable knowledge, we provide a knowledge distribution environment where knowledge can be naturally accumulated and utilized.

Find, Build, and Share Knowledge

Knowledge consolidated repository

Integrated and systematic management of company-wide knowledge according to the process for knowledge discovery and management

Linking work and knowledge

Share the necessary data while performing the job, and make it into knowledge after the type of work

Systematic knowledge management

Multi-dimensional classification system and process support for systematic knowledge management such as verification and evaluation of knowledge

Human-to-human connection

Providing an environment where members communicate with each other and naturally share interest and knowledge

Multi-Dimensional Taxonomy

According to multiple classification criteria, it is possible to search and utilize various knowledge such as knowledge registration and management and search between multidimensional classification, map search, and favorites.

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Knowledge Management Process

It supports processes for systematic knowledge management such as knowledge registration, verification and evaluation, utilization, and granting mileage, and enables inquiry and management according to the knowledge lifecycle from knowledge creation to disposal.

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Knowledge Mileage Management

It is possible to grant mileage for each knowledge activity, to view the child mileage history and to set the mileage weight.

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Knowledge Version Management

You can upgrade your knowledge by changing or adding the knowledge content, and you can compare the previous version with the current version.

Knowledge Statistic and Monitoring

You can inquire about the status of knowledge activity by individual, department, position, and knowledge classification, set statistics items, and download search results.

CLounge Knowledge App,
Use It Like This!

"The knowledge of our company is the electronic document. Simple tasks are often repeated, so it would be nice to be able to freely share and utilize documents".

Solution: You can establish a knowledge management system by linking CLounge’s knowledge bank and electronic approval.

You will naturally share work knowledge by inquiring and utilizing completed approval documents according to your authority

"There are many cases where several team members get together to work on project. I want the result of the project to be well preserved, and I want to reflect it on the results".

Solution: You can build a collaboration/task management system by linking CLounge’s knowledge bank and task.

It is possible to systematically establish a work execution plan, and it is possible to view work progress and share related data among the people in charge.

CLounge Knowledge Management Mobile



CLounge knowledge management provides some functions of the work portal.

Resource Management

Vacation Management

Schedule Management

Integrated Bulletin Board

Integrated Notification


Employee Inquiry​

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No matter where you work, plan, organize, track and collaborate.

Stay connected with your team & project, wherever and whenever you want.


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